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Classic Solitaire

6/8/2017 - I've got a second updated version of several of the HTML5 version of my solitaire card games on Right now there are about 40 different solitaire card games on the site, and I will be adding more as they are updated.

HTML5 Updates

10/17/2016 - I'm still working on changing over from Flash to HTML5. I have a lot of my most popular Solitaire games switched over. I'm working on my Sudoku game right now. I'd like to be able to create an SVG to HTML5 Canvas library for rendering SVG quickly to the HTML5 canvas, but it might be a little while before I get that working right.

Major Site Updates

8/24/2016?- I've been updating a lot of my websites recently. I've needed to move them to new servers, as well as add new HTML5 versions of the games. Right now the HTML5 versions are not as good as my older flash versions, so I've been displaying Flash whenever available and HTML5 if not. Please send me a tweet if you notice any problems.


Poor Man's Texture Packer

6/2/2016?- If you're looking for a?Texture Atlas Generator, because you like writing HTML5 or Unity Games, I've put together a very simple online app that allows you to drag in all of your image files and generate a texture atlas png and accompanying jsong file. It's completely free, and open source, and it's written in TypeScript so you don't have to download or install anything. I call it Spritester?and it's available at?

TypeScript Game Development Tutorials

5/26/2016?- I'm putting together a series of?TypeScript Tutorials?for?HTML5 Game Development. I you have any interest in learning how to write game for the web, TypeScript is a fantastic language to do it in. It compiles into JavaScript so it works in every browser and almost anywhere you can think of.

Tilelicious for Wii U

4/10/2015 - Tilelicious is set to release on the Wii U on April 16th 2015. The game play is similar to 2048. I've added some themes and made adjustments so that there isn't an optimal play strategy. I have a press kit available, and you can check it out on Nintendo's site here.

2048 Puzzle

10/14/2014 - I added a second set of 2048 puzzle skins based on Junn Matsuda's art. I was also able to pick up the domain.


10/1/2014 - I've been pretty bad about posting progress... hopefully I'll remember to post more often. I've been working on some 2048 game. It actually works on mobile (kinda). The project is open source but I've added image themes like Halloween 2048 and Coffee 2048.

Candy Solitaire

8/10/2013 - I've got a new Solitaire skin out, the site is Candy Mahjong. It has some interesting Candy themed suits as well as fun new characters for the Kings, Queens, and Jacks. In games where having 2 colors isn't part of the game play, we've included 4 colors to make the game more fun and colorful. I've also got some updates to Spiderette Solitaire, if you're interested. For that site, all the old versions are still available.

Colorado Solitaire Updates

7/22/2013 - I've made some updates to my Colorado Solitaire website, and added a video tutorial. The new features include a peek at the top card in the deck, and the stacks now have all the cards in them visible.

Gaps Solitaire update and Coffee Mahjong changes

7/16/2013 - Over the last few days I've rolled out an update to my Gaps Solitaire home page with a new look and more features in the games. In addition, I've added a Latest Reviews feature to my Coffee Mahjong page with the intent of rolling it out to my other Mahjong sites.

Candy Sudoku

7/10/2013 - It's actually been out for a few weeks now, but I forgot to post about it. I've got a new version of Sudoku, where I've added a fun candy theme. Check out Candy Sudoku when you have a chance. :-)

Agnes Solitaire

7/9/2013 - I've updated my Agnes Solitaire web site to have many of the new features in my other games. I've also put together a video tutorial for anyone who would like to know how to play. It should feel pretty familiar to anyone who knows how to play Klondike.

Performance Improvements

6/13/2013 - I've put out some performance improvements on a lot of my games. Solitaire games are particularly affected for older machines.

La Belle Lucie Updates

6/10/2013 - I've made some updates to my La Belle Lucie site to give it a look similar to my other sites but with a French theme. I still have all the pages from the old version of the site out there, so if you were a fan of the old version, please do not fret.

Candy Mahjong

6/1/2013 - Candy Mahjong is now up and running. This is the second version of my Mahjong Games where I'm serving a random user puzzle. It seems to be a good way to get users to try new layouts. So far the candy theme seems to be working out pretty well.

Typing Game Update

5/27/2013 - I've made some updates to my Typing Game. I've added a boss, as well as the ability to create new levels. I also have some bug fixes in there. I'm hoping to do even more with it soon.

Coffee Mahjong

5/17/2013 - I'm trying something new with Coffee Mahjong. I've had the user created puzzles for a while on my Mahjongg sites, but in the past more puzzles were created than played. I think part of this was the intermediate step of going through the puzzle directory. With Coffee Mahjong, I'm going to serve the player a new puzzle every time they visit the site, from a large list of puzzles I've curated. I'm hoping this will get players to branch out into more layouts. I would like to add a "Puzzles I've Reviewed" section, but that might be a little while.

Embed Games

5/14/2013 - I'm making some major updates to my Embed Games website. If you would like to put some of my games on your web site or blog, you can grab the html code from this site. I've included a Game Directory that has a lits of all the games you can embed.

Office Mahjong

4/29/2013 - I've just added an Office Mahjong game. It's a reskin of my Mahjong game with an office space feel. I still need to add a conversation mechanism to this page. I've been working on improving my Typing Game, and that's been going pretty slowly. Hopefully I'll get back to improving this site soon.


On many of my web sites I have 'Suggest Improvement' links so I can hear from my users. I haven't yet figured out how I'm going to do that on this site, but I hope to have something up soon. If you have any suggestions about specific games, please post the suggestion to the page the game is on.

Player Created Content

I've Been slowly adding the ability for players to create their own content. Right now I have player generated content available on my Word Search website, my Mahjong website, and my Pyramid Solitaire site. I hope to add some player content to my Typing Game site soon.

Upgrades and Bug Fixes

Some of the significant bugs and upgrades that are needed soon are fixes to prevent cheating in my Typing Game, fixing the multiple solution problem in my Sudoku Games, and upgrades to the AI in my card games Hearts, Spades, and Euchre. There are also several fixes I need to make to Reversi, and the Auto Complete feature in Freecell.

To suggest an improvement, or just say hi, please contact me on twitter :-)
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