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Update 4/29/2013 - Just added Office Mahjong. I don't have a screen shot up on this page yet, but I hope to soon.

I have several versions of Mahjong I've created, from vanilla Mahjongg to fun Holiday themes like Christmas Mahjong and Halloween Mahjong. Most of my Mahjong sites also have a Puzzle Builder where you can build your own Mahjong layouts, and a Puzzle Directory where puzzles I've approved are shared on the site. In addition to traditional Mahjong games, I also have Mahjong Words, and Mathjong. Mahjong Words is a word building Mahjong puzzle game. Mathjong is a Mahjong game where you are trying to build mathematical equalities.


Mahjong Screen Shot

Mahjongg Mahjongg is my vanilla Mahjong game site. I have a lot of other sites that put a theme to the Mahjong game, but this is a version for anyone who loves the classic Chinese character Mahjong tiles. Like most of my Mahjong web sites, You can create your own Mahjong layout, or play one of hundreds of player created layouts in the Puzzle Directory.

Mahjong Words

Mahjong Words Screen Shot

Mahjong Words was actually my second attempt at a word building mahjong game. I changed the look and the bonuses in the game. I like the look of the original, but some users felt that the stylized text was difficult to read.


Mathjong Screen Shot

Mathjong is a unique blend of Math and Mahjong. Remove the tiles by creating valid math equalities with the tiles. Formulas like 5 + 9 = 14. The more complicated the formula, the more points you get when you submit it.

Christmas Mahjong

Christmas Mahjong Screen Shot

Christmas Mahjong is one of several Holiday themed Mahjong sites I've put together. I completely replaced the Chinese character tiles with fun holiday themed tiles. Like my other Mahjong sites I have a large puzzle directory, and the user can create any layout he likes.

Halloween Mahjong

Halloween Mahjong Screen Shot

Easter Mahjong

Easter Mahjong Screen Shot

Valentine Mahjong

Valentine Mahjong Screen Shot

Word Mahjong

Word Mahjong Screen Shot

This is my original Word Mahjong site. I keep track of the Bingos in this version, but there is no mechanism for scoring. My thought at the time was that the primary goal was to remove all the tiles. In my later version I added a scoring system. I realy like the stylized tiles and letters in this version, but a lot of users found it difficult to read the letters.

Mermaid Mahjong

Mermaid Mahjong Screen Shot

Sites Under Development

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