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This was my first Sudoku game site. I've got the original version I wrote on the site. I've improved it over the last few years. I also have a video tutorial you can watch if you are unfamiliar with Sudoku, or would like some instructions for playing the version of the game that I have developed.

I still have a few bugs I've been working out in the game. Right now there is a multiple solution issue that has been rather tricky, but I don't feel it takes too much away from the experience.

Word Search

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Solitaire Games

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iSolitaireGames.com has gone through many changes over the years. I've been working to add more features to my newer solitaire card games which include Undo, Full Screen mode and Auto Complete. I have kept around most of my older versions, so I now have a collection of more than 40 solitaire games on the site.


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Mahjongg Mahjongg is my vanilla Mahjong game site. I have a lot of other sites that put a theme to the Mahjong game, but this is a version for anyone who loves the classic Chinese character Mahjong tiles. Like most of my Mahjong web sites, You can create your own Mahjong layout, or play one of hundreds of player created layouts in the Puzzle Directory.Pyramid Solitaire

Crossword Puzzles

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My Crossword Puzzle game is not quite ready for prime time. I'm finding it challenging to get this right. Hopefully I'll be able to spend more time on it soon.

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On my Pyramid Solitaire site I've been experimenting with player generated layouts. If you're not familiar with Pyramid Solitaire, it's a matching solitaire card game where you're trying to pair up cards that have a total value of 13. I had done several layouts myself, and it occurred to me that the players might want to make their own puzzle layouts. As of this writing, I now have a directory of more than 100 user generated puzzles, and growing. Feel free to submit one. If I like it, I'll put it in the Directory :-)

To suggest an improvement, or just say hi, please contact me on twitter :-)
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