Sudoku Games

Sudoku is a game typically played with numbers, but it's really not a math game (although I might include it on my Math Games page). Basically you have a 9x9 grid, that is broken into 9, 3x3 boxes. Your goal is to get all the number 1-9 in every row, column, and square in that grid. My main version of Sudoku allows you to take notes by clicking on the cell you want to put the notes in. To input the numbers, drag them from the bar on the left side of the games screen. There is also a version with Hints if you prefer a quick play. I also have Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter versions.

Christmas Sudoku Screen Shot

This was my first Sudoku game site. I've got the original version I wrote on the site. I've improved it over the last few years. I also have a video tutorial you can watch if you are unfamiliar with Sudoku, or would like some instructions for playing the version of the game that I have developed.

I still have a few bugs I've been working out in the game. Right now there is a multiple solution issue that has been rather tricky, but I don't feel it takes too much away from the experience.

Mermaid Sudoku

Mermaid Sudoku Screen Shot

Mermaid Sudoku was the first re-skin I did of my Sudoku game. The idea was to remove the numbers and see if it made the game a little more challenging to play. Instead of using the numbers 1-9, Mermaid Sudoku uses 9 different ocean themed icons. Personally I really liked it, but I got a lot of feedback requesting the numbers back, so on future versions I have always included the numbers with the icons.

Mermaid Sudoku also includes a Sudoku Video Tutorial that is specific to Mermaid Sudoku, in case you're not exactly sure how to play without numbers.

Halloween Sudoku

Halloween Sudoku Screen Shot

Halloween Sudoku was my first Holiday themed version of my Sudoku game. Having Learned from Mermaid Sudoku that my users preferred to have numbers, I included both numbers and icons in this version. If you take notes in the cell, it uses the icon rather than the number. I haven't received any complaints on this, but in some of my future version I used the numbers instead of the icons.

Christmas Sudoku

Christmas Sudoku Screen Shot

Halloween Sudoku worked out pretty well, so I decided to do a Christmas version of my sudoku game. I think it worked out pretty well also. Like Halloween, I included by the number and the icon for placement, and not taking is done with the icons. I also included a video tutorial, and like all versions of my sudoku game it can be played in full screen mode.

Valentine's Day Sudoku

Valentine Sudoku Screen Shot

Valentine's Day was then next logical theme to do after Christmas. I felt the numbers in Christmas were a bit hard to read if you didn't play in Full Screen mode, so in Valentine's Day Sudoku, I made sure the numbers were larger and more readable. Also, I decided to change up the notes version of the game to use the numbers instead of the icons. The icons are cute, but sometimes it can be a bit challenging to see some of the small ones in the cell.

Easter Sudoku

Easter Sudoku Screen Shot

Finally, the last theme I have done is Easter Sudoku. I've already done so many video tutorials that I was a bit lazy and decided to re-use the Valentine Sudoku video tutorial. The game largely works the same way, where I try and use the numbers in the pop up box and notes features rather than the icons.

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