Word Search Games

My original Word Search site has a word search puzzle that's randomly generated from a list of scrabble legal words. I provide definitions by hovering over the word on the left hand word list so it's a great way to learn new and interesting words. You can also print off any word search in case you want to play later. In addition, I have a Word Search Creator tool that lets you create your own custom word search with whatever words you want. In addition there is a huge word search puzzle directory, that contains thousands of word search puzzles submitted by players.

I also have several holiday themed word search puzzles for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Easter

Word Search

Word Search Screen Shot

Christmas Word Search

Christmas Word Search Screen Shot

Halloween Word Search

Halloween Word Search Screen Shot

Thanksgiving Word Search

Thanksgiving Word Search Screen Shot

Valentine's Day Word Search

Valentine's Day Word Search Screen Shot

Easter Word Search

Easter Word Search Screen Shot

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